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Résumé Rescue

"A resume is meant to be a story, not a list. How does your story line up with the job you're looking for?" 

- John Olinger - NIKE Global Brand Manager

"Your resume is your first impression. A good resume isn’t enough to get you the job, but a poor resume is enough to knock you out of the running before you start.

- Kelsey Kline, Program Talent Manager, Intel 

As part of any job search, making sure that your résumé tells your story and gives you a competitive advantage is essential.

Experience shows that résumé writing is a task that usually gets left to the last minute and everyone seems to hate doing it.

Lucky for you...we nerdishly find it kind of fun. So why not let us help?

Do you...
  • Need a complete resume from scratch?
  • Help with your cover letter?
  • A renovation of your existing resume with just formatting and adding a few new things to update it?
  • Need someone to take a look at your existing resume and give you a little feedback?
  • A bio for your website?
Or are you...
  • A consultant in need of a CV or client/project list for RFP/RFQ submissions?
  • A client list or bio for your website?

Resume Rescue can be the answer for any and all of the above

The rate is $75 per hour. But don't let that scare you. Most projects come in around $150-$200 and some are much less.

There are also fixed rate options to provide you with peace mind if that helps.

An estimate is always provided before the work is done.

What You Get
You'll receive .doc and .pdf versions of your documents. We'll also save your final version on our cloud storage for up to five years - so coming back for touch ups is a breeze.

Why wait?
Drop us a line and describe what you need. The initial consultation is always free.

The Business of You: Career Coaching

Unhappy with where you are in your career? Thinking of a change? Need help figuring out what to do next?
Career coaching might be just what you need. Using a few of my favorite tools - conversation, books and thought provoking homework - we can work together to set you on a new path.
While the program outline is fairly consistent, how we develop your coaching sessions is completely customized. The typical coaching curriculum has five to six sessions, but we can adapt this for you as well.
The texts we use include:
Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha's The Start Up of You and Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur's Business Model Generation.
Intrigued? Contact Victoria for more information.