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We all know about executive search services (aka headhunters etc.) that help organizations hire the top positions. They are important to the hiring process because finding the right executive or artistic director is crucial to an organization's ability to successfully manage a leadership transition.

But what if your budget is small? And you need entry or middle management? They too require more attention to detail than you or your small staff may have time for.

Art Career Café's Hiring Help could be the answer to your most important question - how can I get through this hiring process and find the strongest candidate without falling behind with everything else?

We've helped organizations find executive directors, development consultants and more.

We can help you design job descriptions, spread the word about your job opening, cull through resumés and cover letters to find the strongest candidates, be part of the interview process, or anything else you need.

Send us a note to find out how we can help you hire your next staffer.

Our new development consultant just presented to the board. He was so great that I almost cried. Seriously. He is so much more than I had hoped for. Thanks again. We think of you as our patron saint.

- Patti Saraniero, Board Member, San Diego Cooperative Charter School.


Recruiting for Diversity

Are you committed to recruiting from the most diverse candidate pool you can? Often the only thing between commitment and action is knowing where to put your energy.

The Art Career Cafe is more than a job posting site - we can also help you locate and post your job to other sites that can connect you with the candidates you're looking for anywhere in the country and often off the radar of typical posting lists.

Plus, we do the work so you can do something else while ensuring your job opportunities are out there working for you.

Thanks so much for all of your outreach and help! A great service that you offer, for sure.

- Kerry Adams-Hapner, Executive Director, City of San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs