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Senior Researcher

Metris Arts Consulting

  • CATEGORY Research
  • LOCATION Easton, PA
  • DATE FEBRUARY 23, 2018
  • JOB TYPE Full Time
  • COMPENSATION Commensurate with experience
  • POSITION LEVEL Senior (5+ yrs exp)

We seek to forge a lasting relationship with a lead technical contributor who is interested in teaming up to combine networks and mutually expand capacity. We are open to remote and flexible/part-time scenarios. Employee benefits include stock awards.

Anticipated duties:

  • Lead development of proposals and research designs/methodologies for evaluations and/or research projects
  • Lead support staff in qualitative and quantitative research/evaluation methods, such as:
    • Literature reviews
    • Conduct and analyze interviews and focus groups
    • Survey design and analysis
    • Analysis and synthesis of primary and secondary quantitative data (Census, ACS, Data Arts, WESTAF CVSuite, Emsi, etc.)
    • Additional methods, as appropriate to expertise
  • Write reports and case studies, as lead author and in collaboration with other staff
  • Execute/support project management needs (managing timelines and budgets and coordination of staff, sub-contractor, and client contributions/relationships)
  • Make presentations of Metris’ work to clients and/or in public forums
  • Write articles/blog posts for magazines, websites, and academic journals, as opportunities arise
  • Expand Metris’ network of clients and collaborators and actively collaborate on other business development activities
  • Periodic national travel anticipated


  • Established and significant track record of producing respected and impactful work that aligns with Metris’ area of focus
  • PhD or equivalent professional experience in a research, social science, or policy-related field (i.e. urban planning, economics, sociology, geography, public health, etc.)
  • Subject area expertise that aligns with, yet diversifies, that of Metris’ existing core staff, such as the intersections of art and public health, housing, immigration, and/or public safety, etc.
  • Command of methods and skills that diversify those of Metris’ existing core staff, such as:
    • Statistical analysis, including multivariate regressions
    • Mapping/GIS
    • Evaluation expertise: developmental, logic models/theories of change, participatory action research
    • Data visualization
  • Demonstrated ability to secure competitive proposals
  • Legal authorization to work in the U.S. (i.e. U.S. citizen status or pre-existing work Visa)

To apply, please complete an application for employment and send cover letter, resume/CV, and 3 phone references to: admin@metrisarts.com 



Job Announcement Document(s)

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