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Producing Artistic Director

Musical Theatre Factory

  • CATEGORY Admin
  • LOCATION New York, NY
  • DATE FEBRUARY 16, 2018
  • JOB TYPE Full Time
  • COMPENSATION $35000-$40000
  • POSITION LEVEL Executive (CEO/ED/AD/Pres.)
Formed in 2014 by Lilly Award winner Shakina Nayfack (Hulu’s “Difficult People”), Musical Theatre Factory (MTF) is a nonprofit arts services organization dedicated to helping musical theatre artists develop and present new work in a collaborative atmosphere free from the pressures of critical or commercial success. Since our founding, MTF’s diverse lineup of programs has assisted in the development of 120 new musical works – ultimately helping us engage over 150 different writers, 500 actors, and over 50 directors in our first few years of public programming. 

Now, entering our fifth year of programming, , MTF has announced our search for a Producing Artistic Director, who will lead the organization into the next phase of growth. The Producing Artistic Director will work under the guidance of the MTF Board of Directors and Founding Artistic Director, and alongside our General Manager to continue in working toward the organization’s programmatic intention, but will also lead the organization in crafting of new artistic programs, goals, and messaging. 

Musical Theatre Factory Producing Artistic Director  

The Producing Artistic Director is responsible for conceiving, developing, and implementing the artistic vision and programmatic focus of Musical Theatre Factory, and facilitating major decisions about the ongoing development of the creative values and activities of the organization; all in consultation with the Board of Directors, staff, and General Management. 

Duties of the Producing Artistic Director include 

Actively fundraise, and lead fundraising efforts, for the organization: 

- Work with the Board of Directors to identify potential personal and institutional donors, cultivating potential donors through face-to-face interaction 

- Identify strategic candidates to fill open seats on the Board of Directors 

- Work with the Board of Directors, General Management, and Staff to establish and enact a fundraising plan that promotes growth of artistic programming  

Develop, implement, and evaluate artistic programming of the MTF Assembly Line, working with General Management and additional staff to ensure all promised artistic needs are met in a timely and professional manner: 

Writers’ Groups 

- Solicit and read submissions; selecting projects for participation in Writers’ Group 

- Check in regularly with writers group facilitators to receive updates on the progress of participating artists, attend occasional meetings of the groups to assess and provide feedback on material 

- Identify and recruit artists for other Assembly Line opportunities

Representation Roundtables 

- Check in regularly with Representation Roundtable facilitators to receive updates on the progress of participating artists, and when appropriate, attend occasional meetings to assess and provide feedback on material 

- Identify and recruit artists for other Assembly Line opportunities

Factory Salons 

- Program and invite a season of guest hosts 

- Identify participating artists and make them feel welcome at MTF 

4x15 Series 

- Solicit and read submissions 

- Assist with dramaturgy, casting, and creative staffing 

- Moderate post-event discussions with participating writers in front of an audience

Joe’s Pub Concert Series 

- Curate annual season of writer and performer showcases at Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater

Developmental Residencies 

- Identify works of promise and program a seasonal series 

- Engage participating writers in a needs-assessment of their work to develop a focus or plan for each residency and follow-up on the process during each residency 

- Assist with dramaturgy, casting, and creative staffing, and evaluate success of each residency with the writer and the creative team


- Serve as Executive Producer in developing strategy and overseeing the day to day operations and decision making 

- Assist with dramaturgy, casting, and creative staffing


- Develop annual program budget with General Management, including existing programming, but also implementing new educational programs 

- Regularly check in with the MTF Membership Committee and attend and moderate semi-annual community brainstorms to hear and respond to concerns from the membership; 

- Contribute to the artistic evaluation of promotional, funding, and press materials; 

- Hold regular office hours; 

- Hire, supervise, evaluate artistic staff, and recruit writers, directors, performers, and other creatives to participate in the organization’s programming; 

- Maintain active knowledge and community relationships with all participating artists, including writers, directors, performers, stage managers, designers, technicians, etc. 

- Communicate regularly with MTF membership at large in the form of a personal message from the Artistic Director, and serve as a resource for artists who are working within MTF programming to provide support, feedback, and/or artistic input where requested; 

- Connect with patrons at MTF events and ensure their satisfaction with their experience, and act as a spokesperson for MTF’s artistic purpose at public and social appearances, on social media, and other events; 

- Foster the development of good relations with other theatrical and cultural organizations by participating in meetings and joint activities, and form an Artistic Advisory Board and consult with members regularly; 

- Attend and participate in meetings of the MTF Board of Directors and provide comprehensive artistic updates; 

The ideal candidate will have 3 or more years of artistic, producing, literary or other equivalent experience relevant to the above responsibilities. Candidates should have strong written and verbal communication skills; ability to organize and prioritize; excellent interpersonal skills, a working knowledge of, and relationships with, key players and organizations in the NYC musical theatre community; a good sense of humor; strong work ethic; a demonstrated history of working with artists of diverse backgrounds, and a proven interest and commitment to the development of new musicals free from the pressures of critical or commercial success. 

While many strong candidates may come from a literary management, dramaturgy or producing background, candidates with core competencies to fit this job who come from other areas, such as direction, design, and management will be given strong consideration as well. This will be a flexible full-time position, and it is understood that candidates will pursue work outside of the position without impacting the ability to fulfill the responsibilities above. 

The Producing Artistic Director will join a dedicated and talented team of passionate professionals. Musical Theatre Factory is committed to dismantling systemic hierarchies and furthering the ideals of equity and inclusivity. We strongly encourage candidates of color or those from underrepresented communities to apply. 

Compensation is $35-$40k for the season, and the Producing Artistic Director will ideally begin part-time work with the Founding Artistic Director in May, 2018. 

To apply, please submit a brief cover letter and resume to PADSearch@mtf.nyc with your name in the subject line. Applications will be accepted until March 1st.