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Head of Musical Theatre

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

  • CATEGORY Director
  • LOCATION Glasgow, GLAS
  • DATE APRIL 30, 2018
  • JOB TYPE Full Time
  • COMPENSATION £49,475 to £54,064 per annum
  • POSITION LEVEL Senior (5+ yrs exp)
School/Department Drama, Dance, Production and Film
Job Holder Vacant
Responsible to Director of Drama, Dance, Production and Film
Date April 2018
1.  Job Purpose
In consultation with the Artistic Director, Musical Theatre, you will be responsible for the strategic development of the study of Musical Theatre across a range of conservatoire programmes including pre and post H.E provision.
You will engage with, develop and implement the Conservatoire’s own, as well as any external, Enhancement Themes.
You will be required to recruit and maintain home and overseas students and/or actively contribute to research and/or other modes of income generation in line with School of Drama policies.
You will manage all FT and PTHP staff on the BA and MA Musical Theatre   Programmes. You will be required to manage a devolved budget ensuring economies of scale and appropriate resource allocation.
You will be required to implement the Conservatoire’s strategic aims and objectives as part of activity planning and annual goals setting/career review. You will actively contribute to the strategic development and operational efficiency of the School of Drama, Dance, Production and Film as a member of the School of DDPF Management Team.
2. Duties and Responsibilities
You will be required to undertake the duties and responsibilities detailed below:
  • Provide academic direction for the BA and MA Musical Theatre Programmes and other relevant programmes.
  • Undertake teaching up to Master’s/Doctoral levels within the subject area curriculum as defined by annual activity planning.
  • Lead and line manage the Musical Theatre Programme Team, including part-time hourly paid and fee-based staff.
  • Ensure that appropriate staff development, career review and activity planning procedures are undertaken within the Programme Team.
  • Be responsible for defined Programmes budgets
  • Actively contribute to the formal teaching within the programme curriculum.
  • Ensure pastoral care of all students on BA and MA Musical TheatreProgrammes and other relevant courses.
  • Be responsible for the creation and implementation of effective learning support materials, methods and applications
  • Be responsible for the communication and implementation of safe working environment and methods within Health and Safety guidelines.
  • Take a leading role in the evolution of a strategy for and the development of pre- and post-HE Musical Theatre provision, working with the Lifelong Learning, Junior Conservatoire and Fair Access teams as appropriate
  • Take a leading role in the delivery of a range of Musical Theatre provision pre and post HE, including the management of staff involved in the delivery
  • Undertake necessary travel in relation to student recruitment and partnership development activities
  • Serve as a member of School, Conservatoire –wide and external committees as designated.
  • Take responsibility for all Quality Assurance issues across all relevant Programmes and courses.
  • Act as examiner as required.
  • Act as a professional representative of the Conservatoire externally and to retain an active profile in the profession.
  • Actively contribute to the research and/or commercialisation activities of the School of Drama, Dance, Production and Film
  • Manage and undertake as required the necessary administrative duties of the Musical Theatre Programmes and other relevant courses.
  • Undertake such additional appropriate duties as may be required by the Director of Drama, Dance, Production and Film

3.  Scope of the Job
You will be responsible for all Musical Theatre related budgets, as agreed with the Director of DDPF and the Director of Finance and Estates. You will be expected to operate within designated budgets and identify opportunities to ensure best value for money.
You will be responsible for the line management of all staff within the Musical Theatre department. Delegation of daily supervision and coordination of strand specific staff will be allocated to Lecturers within the team.
You will work closely with Heads of Departments from across both schools and consult with the Artistic Director, Musical Theatre, as appropriate, to ensure that the programme content for BA and MA Musical Theatre remains relevant and promotes collaborative practice across all forms.
4.  Context
Operating Environment:
Internally, the Conservatoire is an intense, student-centred environment in which students are regarded as professionals in training. Performance is the Conservatoire environment.
Framework and Boundaries:
As a member of the Musical Theatre staff team, you will be required to work within the Conservatoire Strategic Plan, the Conservatoire Regulations, Health and Safety Regulations, Policies and procedures and Quality Assurance processes required by the Conservatoire as well as the appropriate departmental policies. You will be expected to actively engage in health and safety and to be responsible for your own health and safety in the course of your work.
As a line-manager you will be responsible for the implementation of the Conservatoire Health and Safety Policies, ensuring that your staff are aware of them and abide by them. You will monitor the implementation of such policies and be responsible for taking any necessary action arising. In particular, there is a high level of accountability for ensuring that effective health and safety practices are embedded in all aspects of the work of your area of responsibility and that required standards are met. The Conservatoire expects a high level of accountability for health and safety in posts which line manage staff and /or operate at a responsible level.
5.  Relationships
Line Manager: Director of Drama, Dance, Production and Film
Staff Management:
You will be responsible for the line management and activity planning of the Creative Producer and Lecturers within Musical Theatre. You will also have management responsibility for the variety of sessional, fee paid and part time staff employed by the programmes. Some supervision and coordination of these individuals may be delegated to strand Lecturers as appropriate.
Other Contacts:
  1. Within the Conservatoire:
    Close collaboration with your line manager, other colleagues and staff within the Schools and more broadly across the Conservatoire.
  2. Outside the Conservatoire:
    Development and maintenance of partnerships and collaborations with external partners and organisations.
6.  Knowledge and Experience
  • A degree level qualification in an appropriate and relevant subject, preferably at postgraduate level.
  • International/National recognition as a practitioner/teacher at the highest level.
  • Teaching experience in an HE or conservatoire setting
  • Established connections within the Musical Theatre and Performing Arts Sector within the UK and internationally
  • Demonstrable experience within a managerial roles either in FE or HE
  • Experience as a working practitioner within the performing arts
  • An established research profile or proven track record in income generation and the potential to make a contribution to future RCS research Excellence Framework submissions.
  • Evidence of engagement with research/ practice and research/income generation agendas.
Knowledge and Skills:
  • Demonstrable knowledge of contemporary professional practice in performance and contemporary teaching methods.
  • Broad knowledge of professional performance
  • Demonstrable knowledge of the national and international cultural landscape.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of the HE and/or conservatoire sector
  • Extensive knowledge of the specialist subject area
  • Extensive knowledge of QA, especially current and past Enhancement Themes
  • Provide effective and innovative leadership within an evolving ground-breaking area
  • Demonstrate passion and motivation for this area of work
7.  Complexity
  • Leading and managing a team in a time of significant change
  • Contributing to the development and implementation of structures and systems designed to support the development of the new curriculum.
  • Managing a period of transition with regard to staff and student experience and expectations.
8.  General Responsibilities (all staff)
  1. Health and Safety
  • To take care of your own health and safety at work and that of other persons who may be affected by your work activities.
  • To apply at all times best practice in health and safety.  You must safeguard the health and safety of all persons affected by the work activities you supervise at any premises you have control over.
  • To work in the safe manner in which you have been trained and instructed and to advise your line manager of any health and safety issues you become aware of.
  1. Policies and Procedures
  • To familiarise yourself with the detail of the Conservatoire’s Policies and Procedures and to actively ensure adherence.
  1. Use of equipment and other appliances
  • To take fullest care in handling, operation and safeguarding of any equipment, vehicles or appliance, used or issued by the Conservatoire or provided or issued by a third party for individual or collective use in the performance of your duties.
  1. Dignity at Work and Study
  • To uphold the Conservatoire’s Dignity at Work and Study policy and practices and to treat all colleagues, students and contacts with respect and in accordance with the values of the Conservatoire.
  • To promote and deliver excellence in services that value all staff and students.
  • To recognise and acknowledge the potential multiple barriers to participation and success that exist for applicants, students and staff with care experienced backgrounds; those with caring responsibilities; and those with protected characteristics, and to work with colleagues across the Conservatoire to collectively identify ways in which the barriers can be reduced and eliminated
  1. Personal Development
  • To continuously enhance best practice in your area, undertaking training and Continuous Professional Development as appropriate.
  1. Information Technology
  • To implement security measures to protect against unauthorised access to, alteration or disclosure of information held on computer and to ensure adherence to the principles of the Data Protection Act and appropriate IT policies and procedures.
  • To undertake any training in the operation of new technologies and associated systems as required.
  1. < >To promote and adhere to the Conservatoire Vision. (as detailed below)
    9.  Additional Information
    The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland has a policy on widening access, and has instigated a number of initiatives aimed at increasing participation from students from under-represented groups.
    Should you wish to discuss any aspect of this role informally, please contact Hugh Hodgart, Director of Dance, Drama, Production and Film, on h.hodgart@rcs.ac.uk
    10.  Our Vision
    To be Scotland’s globally-recognised and inspirational leader in learning for the performing arts, attracting and nurturing the best Scottish and international creative talent.
    As a Board of Governors, staff and student team, we embrace and are motivated by:
    • Inclusivity, diversity and individuality.
    • Disciplinary excellence and innovative cross-disciplinary collaboration.
    • Breaking down barriers and challenging boundaries.
    • The advancement of creative citizenship and leadership across the performing arts for our nation and for the world.
      As a member of staff you will be expected to actively embrace these principles and demonstrate them in the course of your work.
      Our Strategic Plan is based on the following four pillars:
      1. Driving focused excellence.
      We will:
    • Create a culture of continuous professional development, to enhance and enrich the experience of our students and staff.
    • Ensure that we deliver choice and flexibility to our students and embed pedagogical skills throughout our curriculum.
    • Attract outstanding teachers and artists of international repute, who will act as a magnet for outstanding students.
    • Apply technology to enhance our students’ learning experience and to make us more efficient and effective.
    • Deliver advancement and scholarship campaigns to support the development of a world-class creative campus and to attract and retain the best artists, teachers and researchers.
    • Further enhance the quality, reach and impact of our research.
    • Develop a sector-leading approach to improvisation through our curriculum.
      2. Promoting diversity.
      We will:
    • Diversify art forms and disciplines, enrich the pool of talent, and connect more widely and deeply with diverse communities.
    • Develop ground-breaking RCS Community Centres of Excellence through great partnerships.
    • Nurture the talent of more of Scotland’s young people, so as to increase their choices and opportunities.
      3. Advancing lifelong learning.
      We will:
    • Nurture talent, creativity and active citizenship in all of our students.
    • Develop excellence in the Junior Conservatoire, connecting us with more talented young people through focused and active partnerships with schools and key stakeholders
    • Innovate our open access programme to contribute to the well-being and fulfilment of individuals of all ages and backgrounds.
      4. Embracing our role as a national and international performing arts institution.
      We will:
    • Inspire and engage young people through creating a Teach Arts for Scotland programme, promoting excellent performing arts teaching in schools.
    • Recognise and celebrate excellent arts teaching in Scotland’s schools.
    • Create an International Advisory Board to help realise our vision and advance our values on the world stage.
    • Build partnerships and new relationships nationally and internationally.
    • Be a national and international advocate for education in the performing arts

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