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Podcast of the Week: Dear HBR on Workplace Issues

By Victoria Plettner-Saunders

Dear HBR on Workplace Issues

This week I’m excited to tell you about one of my go-to human resources podcasts. Dear HBR is one of several well-produced podcasts from Harvard Business Review which takes listener questions about workplace issues.

What’s the Concept?

For the last year, hosts Alison Beard and Daniel McGinn have been taking workplace questions from listeners and answering them with the help of expert panelists. In each themed episode they respond to three questions thoughtfully and with candor. Episode topics have included negotiating raises; how to engage in difficult conversations with co-workers; and making lateral moves. The experts include career and executive coaches, HR specialists, organizational psychologists and B-school professors.

Which Ep Do I Recommend First?

I think the episode I found most helpful was a live recording from a Payscale compensation convention in October 2018. Titled Underpaid, it featured Susan Hollingshead, Chief People Officer at Vendini, a Bay Area ticketing software company. She talked about the thought processes behind payscales and promotions, giving me food for thought about fair and equitable compensation structures. Have you ever wondered how an employer thinks about your compensation?

What Do I Love about this Podcast?

I have learned a lot just listening to how they think through each question. I love that they come up with multiple ways of looking at each problem. Each discussion ends with a synopsis of their discussion and their advice as to what the letter writer might do.

What Will YOU Love?

There could be good advice for you in one of the episodes. Alison and Dan have a friendly banter and you’ll feel like you’re just sitting in a room with them. It’s 30 minutes of smart discussion about career development and real life career issues.