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Beyond the To Do List: Podcast of the Week #2

By Victoria Plettner-Saunders

Hi Everyone:

Here is the second in my Podcast of the Week (POTW) series in which I share cool podcasts I’ve found that fit with creative careers, our workforce and all things related.

to do list

Beyond the To Do List  is hosted by Erik Fisher, a Productivity Author, Podcaster, Speaker and Coach who examines productivity and career success from a practical perspective.

What is the premise?

Each week he has a different interviewee on the show. Most of them are creatives and all of them are thought leaders in their particular area of expertise. But most importantly, each one talks about how they’ve become more productive despite being human. They talk about trial and error and how they’ve found better integration of work, life and productivity.

Which one do I recommend first?

That’s a tough call – so far they’ve all been good. But one in particular, the one that inspired me to make this a POTW, is actually an older one. It’s with Ryan McRae. Ryan is a guy who’s lived with ADHD all of his life and has found ways to stay focused and productive despite the challenges ADHD throws at his focus and productivity.

On this podcast called Productivity Retreat: Ryan McRae on Taking a 3 Day Productivity Retreat – BTTDL178, Ryan shares his three day productivity retreat concept. He explains each day and each step. In three days you will have powered through all the things that distract your focus (Day 1), worked on the priorities you set aside for intensive action (Day 2), and spent time planning ahead on your big goals (Day 3). I am so inspired to take a 3 Day Productivity Retreat. I just can’t find three days in a row in the next three months.

What do I love about this podcast?
I love episode BTTDL178 for its step by step guide to blasting through the things I can’t seem to ever find time for. I love the Beyond the To Do List podcast in general because it looks at personal (and by extension professional) productivity through multiple lenses and gives me a lot of ideas and suggestion for tools I can use to stay a little more on top of things.

What will you love?

I think you’ll love how Erik doesn’t make productivity sound like something that other people have all figured out and that you, poor soul, just need to get with the program. Productivity is about so much more than the to do list. Erik helps us understand how it makes sense and how it can be made meaningful to you.

If you plan productivity retreat – let me know how it goes.